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This year, Warsaw will welcome the summer in a more cheerful atmosphere than ever before.

Colourful cows will march out to the streets of the city in June and will decorate the most important cultural and social venues. Warsaw will brim with colours and will attract thousands of people interested in this amazing event.

All cows will be embellished by local artists whose sensitivity and ingenuity will change urban spaces into a modern art gallery. Each artist taking part in CowParade will be able to shape their cows according to their own visions, imagination and means of expression. The CowParade Warsaw exhibit will become a showpiece of the city for the next 90 days and will encourage the inhabitants and tourists to have good fun and enter into a dialogue with their own imagination.

It will help to promote the forgotten public art in Poland and sensitize people to surrounding urban spaces; it will benefit needy children and youth and will financially support artists.

CowParade Warsaw will involve artists from various backgrounds and artistic groups. Those engaged in the project will represent both modern Polish high-profile avant-garde artists and young aspiring student artists from the most thriving academies of fine arts in Poland. They all want to support children and gather the whole of Warsaw at the biggest public art exhibit in our country.

CowParade Warsaw will end with a big auction, whose proceeds will benefit children and young people in need. Each cow will gain a new owner. You can become one!

Going out to the street in June is a true must!

Artysta umowa - Artist Contract
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Artysta grupa - Information for Group of Artist
Artysta szablo - Cow Template

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